What we call luxury is always relative and highly subjective. In the past, running water, heating, and frequent consumption of meat dishes were a privilege. Today, this is taken for granted by many people. In the same way, having muscle and low fat content was a sign of hard work and low social status. Now, a slim and trained body is intimately linked to the image of self-made success. It’s all a matter of perception. Still, luxury is not determined arbitrarily. It’s by nature rare and not essential to survival. Luxury goods are those that can be possessed mainly by wealthy and powerful individuals. This has made them valuable. It also implies that the value of luxury furniture is not really proportional to the purchase price. Anything that justifies its cost not by any particular utility but only by its beauty and rarity is thus considered luxury. In addition to the luxury villa, the expensive car or the private swimming pool, there are also other items that are worth a fair price. Occasionally indulging in one of these luxury items can give you a real sense of satisfaction, whether these are beds, chairs or tables. Design is about creating an object in its most beautiful and noble form. That is why design furniture and accessories clearly fall into this category.

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